Google Play is changing its policy to allow app developers to integrate NFTs into games

Google has updated its policy to allow app developers to integrate digital assets such as NFTs into their games via Google Play. This was stated by the product manager of the company Joseph Mills, writes TechCrunch.

Apps must be “transparent with users about tokenized digital assets” and developers can’t “promote or glamorize any potential earning from playing or trading activities.”

Apps that do not comply with Google Play’s policy on real money gambling, games and contests or do not meet the eligibility requirements are also not allowed to accept money for chances to win assets, including NFTs.

“This includes, but is not limited to, offering mechanisms to receive randomized blockchain-based items from a purchase such as ‘loot boxes,’” Mills said.

These restrictions could potentially prevent newcomers to the NFT market from being duped into thinking that buying these tokenized assets can lead to huge profits – a common marketing tactic for some projects in this space.

The changes will also allow apps and games on Google Play to reimagine “traditional games with user-owned content to boosting user loyalty through unique NFT rewards.”

While Google is updating its policy, one of the other big app stores, Apple, remains unchanged. Overall, Apple has taken a cautious stance on the digital asset ecosystem by imposing additional fees on the sale of NFTs.