Rise of the Ronin, the PlayStation 5 exclusive from Team Ninja, gets a release date

At The Game Awards, Team Ninja presented a new trailer for Rise of the Ronin and immediately announced that the upcoming project will be released on March 22 next year only on PlayStation 5. The pre-order for the game will start on December 14. “We’ve been hard at work since ... Read more

A tool to switch to YouTube Music is being launched for Google Podcasts users

Google is finally launching a tool that will help users of the Google Podcasts app migrate to YouTube Music or another alternative app, writes Engadget. In the fall, Google announced that in 2024 it would shut down its podcasting app. This is planned to be done as part of a ... Read more

God of War Ragnarok will receive a free expansion this month

During The Game Awards, Sony Santa Monica presented a trailer for the free God of War Ragnarok – Valhalla expansion pack. It will be released on December 12. The events of the expansion will take place after the final battle of the game and it will be made in a ... Read more

Google’s Gemini outperforms OpenAI’s AI capabilities [for now]

Google’s new Gemini multimodal AI model looks great. But there are questions about its technical potential, given the achievements of OpenAI, reports Bloomberg. It’s all about the comparison between Gemini Ultra and GPT-4 that Google conducted. The company compared the capabilities of the models and presented the results in a ... Read more

Lost Records: Bloom & Rage is a new game from the authors of Life is Strange

The French studio DON’T NOD, the authors of Life Is Strange 1/2, Vampyr, and the recent Jusant, have announced a new project, an adventurous Lost Records: Bloom & Rage, which has a powerful vibe of the very first Life is Strange. Lost Records: Bloom & Rage is the story of ... Read more

Exoborne is a multiplayer shooter from the developers of Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt

The Game Awards presented Exoborne, a new open-world shooter from Sharkmob, the developers of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt. The game takes place in the apocalyptic United States, where players will need to gather resources, craft the necessary items, and fight their way through the open world devastated by extreme ... Read more

Tata wants to build a new factory in India to assemble iPhones for Apple

Tata Group is planning to build one of the largest iPhone assembly plants in India, which is in line with Apple’s ambitions to increase production in the country, writes Bloomberg. According to informed sources, Tata wants to build a plant in the city of Hosur in Tamil Nadu in the ... Read more

Russia fraudulently used stars Elijah Wood and Priscilla Presley for another fake against Ukraine

In Russia, they fraudulently used videos of Western celebrities to create another fake. This is stated in a security study conducted by Microsoft, according to The Wall Street Journal. The stars were forced to record videos in support of a man named “Vladimir,” who was allegedly struggling with substance abuse. ... Read more

LAST SENTINEL is a cyberpunk action game from the studio founded by a former Rockstar manager

The American studio Lightspeed LA (a division of China’s Tencent) has announced an open-world action game featuring robots LAST SENTINEL, set in a dystopian Tokyo of the future. Lightspeed LA is a part of Tencent’s large Lightspeed Studios and was founded by former Rockstar manager Steve Martin, who had a ... Read more

Like its predecessors, Fairphone 5 continues to hold the streak of having the highest repairability score from iFixit

The internal construction of modern smartphones often requires considerable skills, additional tools, and strict adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions, sometimes even to replace commonplace parts. There is no need to talk about complicated repair cases. That’s why flagship devices, especially, often receive low scores for repairability in the iFixit scorecard. ... Read more

The Game Awards presented the game KEMURI, with a trailer featuring a track by the Ukrainian band ONUKA

The Game Awards presented KEMURI, the debut project of UNSEEN, a studio founded by Ikumi Nakamura, a former Tango Gameworks developer who worked on such projects as The Evil Within, The Evil Within 2, and Ghostwire: Tokyo. Despite the fact that not much has been said about the game itself, ... Read more

McDonald’s integrates artificial intelligence into its work with the help of Google

McDonald’s is preparing a large-scale technological upgrade that includes the integration of generative artificial intelligence. In this matter, the network of establishments cooperates with Google, writes The Verge. Everything will happen next year, when McDonald’s restaurants will upgrade their hardware and software. The cooperation also means that the company will ... Read more

Den of Wolves is a robbery simulator from the authors of GTFO and PAYDAY

The Swedish studio 10 Chambers, the authors of the popular cooperative horror shooter GTFO, presented a new game, a cooperative heist simulator in the cyberpunk setting Den of Wolves. Judging by the description, this session shooter will be almost a copy of PAYDAY with a touch of Syndicate, which is ... Read more

Notepad in Windows 11 will finally show character count

Over the past two years, Microsoft has been gradually updating Notepad: at the end of 2021, Notepad received a dark theme and other interface improvements, and this year it has a tabbed system and automatic saving of changes. And now, in the new Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26010, which ... Read more

Linux distributions may get a “blue screen of death” feature like Windows

Unexpectedly, Linux distributions may adopt a feature that has long been associated with the Windows operating system – the infamous “blue screen of death” (BSOD), reports Ars Technica. A new update, version 255 of the Linux systemd project, has added a systemd-bsod component that generates a full-screen display of error ... Read more

EXODUS – a new sci-fi saga from former BioWare employees

EXODUS – is a science fiction role-playing game from Archetype Entertainment, a studio founded by former BioWare employees. They are going to create the best fantasy RPG of all time. And there is a chance that they will succeed. Because Archetype Entertainment is headed by James Olen, a man who ... Read more

Motorola shows Razr 40 Ultra and Edge 40 Neo in Pantone’s 2024 color

Motorola and the Pantone Institute have partnered for the second year in a row to add a new trendy color to the manufacturer’s smartphones. This time, Pantone chose PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz as the Color of 2024, which, according to the institute, “emphasizes the importance of human connection.” It will ... Read more

Apple wants to install Indian-made batteries in future iPhones

Apple prefers to buy batteries for the upcoming iPhone 16 from Indian factories. This was reported by Business Today with reference to The Financial Times. The company has informed its component suppliers of its intentions. They are in line with the tech giant’s strategy to diversify its supply chain and ... Read more

Hideo Kojima unveils OD, an exclusive Xbox game featuring director Jordan Peele

Hideo Kojima, the famous creator of Metal Gear and Death Stranding, has revealed the first details of his Xbox exclusive, OD, at The Game Awards 2023. The project, which involves Jordan Peele, the famous director of Get Out and Nope, was described by Kojima as a unique gaming experience unlike ... Read more

Marvel’s Blade – an “adult” game about a vampire hunter from the authors of Dishonored

Bethesda and Arkane Lyon, the authors of Dishonored and Deathloop, announced Marvel’s Blade, a game about a famous black vampire hunter, during The Game Awards 2023. According to the developers themselves, Marvel’s Blade is an adult single-player third-person game set in the heart of Paris. Marvel Games is also involved ... Read more

Light No Fire – a new game from the authors of No Man’s Sky

Hello Games, the creators of the space adventure No Man’s Sky, announced a new game during The Game Awards 2023 – Light No Fire has a name and logo that strangely resonate with No Man’s Sky. As the developers explain, Light No Fire is a game about adventure, building, survival, ... Read more

Apple still won’t be forced to make iMessage publicly available

iMessage will not be subject to the new rules from the European Union and Apple will not need to make the messenger available on Android and in competing services. This was reported by Bloomberg, citing anonymous sources familiar with the situation. As part of the European Digital Markets Act, iMessage ... Read more

Real-world range of electric cars from Consumer Reports: Mercedes and BMW are the best; Tesla and Lucid are the worst

Recently, an interesting study was published by Consumer Reports on the real autonomy of electric vehicles and comparison with the declared range of the EPA (the American agency that has formed the rules for the test cycle). The main “highlight” is that the ERA cycle provides for a combined cycle ... Read more

MSI MPG Z790 EDGE TI MAX WIFI motherboard review: combining Core i5-14600K and GeForce RTX 4070 Ti

The recent update of Intel’s desktop platform with the introduction of 14th-generation Core processors brought minimal accentuated improvements without any tangible overall progress in CPU performance. However, the manufacturer’s top chips already demonstrate decent performance in various disciplines. Current motherboards with the LGA1700 socket are suitable for using the brand ... Read more

Baldur’s Gate 3 triumph at The Game Awards 2023 and other winners

The Game Awards 2023 ceremony that took place tonight at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles honored the best video game projects, and Baldur’s Gate 3 was named Game of the Year. The event, known for its prestigious awards, became a place of fierce competition between the six main contenders ... Read more