Rozetka YouTube channel supported the Mezha.Media initiative regarding the Ukrainian Google search

Mezha.Media post regarding Google search results, which, despite user settings, shows them search results in Russian and from Russian sources, received wide publicity. At this time, more than 10,000 readers have viewed it on the website, and the post on Twitter has collected almost 11,000 retweets and more than 15,000 likes.

In our post, we called on Google to change the search results for Ukraine, because it is not only about the convenience of users, but also about information security in conditions of war. Unfortunately, we have not yet received any public reaction from the company, but we are very glad that this topic has started to be discussed. The YouTube channel of Rozetka, the largest online store in Ukraine, recorded its video about Google search, you can watch it below.

We encourage users to spread this information and other media to pay attention to the issue and make their own posts.

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