9to5Google has drawn attention to the fact that the Google company still began to update the Android logo, which it showed in the distant (by the standards of the technology world) year 2019.

For a long time, the “green robot” was flat with different font options for the Android inscription, which usually consisted entirely of lowercase letters. Over time, the logo itself was shortened to just the robot’s head. Now this logo has gained volume, and the name of the operating system begins with a capital first letter and an updated font.

The new logo, which has previously appeared in presentations and individual content, has been seen in various forms, such as with Android Auto. Now, according to the company, we will see it more often:

We’re showcasing some elements of our new brand identity on various surfaces, including our CES booth from earlier this year and other campaign materials like digital & banner ads. We’ll have more to share in the coming months.

It is likely that with the release of Android 14 this year, the updated logo will also appear on the loading screen of smartphones. Currently there is still a flat logo with the inscription Powered by android:

Google updates the Android logo: now in 3D