Testers have discovered another useful innovation in the beta version of Android 15. Google has redesigned the smartphone’s memory page and made it more understandable, TechRadar reports.

In Android 14, the system storage is displayed as a separate category above the “Apps”, “Pictures”, “Audio” and other sections. Clicking on this option will show the user that “System [storage] includes files used to run Android version 14”, which is a rather unhelpful message, as it does not reveal the proportion of system files that use storage for other reasons.

However, the latest beta of Android 15 fixes this flaw by making System Storage a header and dividing its contents into two categories: Android (i.e., core OS files) and temporary system files.

Now the user will be able to clearly separate the OS kernel of the smartphone.

This small but important change was first spotted by Android Authority contributor Mishaal Rahman, who shared an image of the new Android memory structure on X:

This is not the only update to the smartphone’s memory. Earlier, it became known about a new feature called Device Diagnostics, which will be able to check the status of the smartphone’s built-in memory.