In Android 15 beta 2, Google has added several security features for smartphone owners, including a feature that can detect when a phone has been “snatched” from a user’s hands. This was reported by The Verge.

The Theft Detection Lock function detects unusual movements that could mean someone has quickly snatched the smartphone from the user’s hands or from the table in front of them.

After that, the smartphone will automatically lock. The device will also detect other signals that could indicate theft, such as if someone tries to unplug it to prevent remote access.

Google adds even more security features in new Android update

Another feature will allow users to lock their smartphone screen remotely via, where device owners will be able to enter their number.

This feature, as well as the previous one, will be coming as part of a Google Play service update later this year and will work on Android 10 and higher versions of the operating system.

Android 15 will also feature private areas, which will allow users to place files, information, and apps in a separate hidden space that will only be accessible through a unique pin code.

Google will also add protection in case the smartphone is forced to reset to factory settings. In such cases, the user will be required to provide the owner’s credentials the next time they set up the smartphone.

Play Protect will also receive an update, which will start using artificial intelligence to determine how a particular app uses various permissions on the smartphone. If the system sees any suspicious actions on the part of the application, it will send information to Google for further verification.