Ukrainian narrative spatial puzzle Cognition Method, whose authors were inspired by the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey has received a new demo on Steam.

According to the developers, the demo includes numerous updates to how Cognition Method looks, plays, and how the game’s story unfolds. Right now, this is as close as possible to what the developers want to see in the final game, so they’re looking for feedback and reactions from players.

In fact, the first time we heard about the game Cognition Method more at the end of 2021, unfortunately the development is a little slow, because for Team Cognition it is a side project that they do in their free time from their main work. Andrew Indrikson (Activision Blizzard, USA), Mykhailo Holub (Outfit7, Slovenia), Timur Ozdoev (CD Project RED, Poland) and Oleksandr Novitskyi (Eleventh Hour Games, Ukraine) are currently working on the project.

More about the game should be told at the DevGAMM conference in Vilnius, which will take place on June 20-21, 2023.

So download the new demo and tell the developers what you think about it. In addition, you can remind Team Cognition about the importance of Ukrainian localization.