The OpenAI company has finally opened the opportunity for Ukrainian users to register and start using the ChatGPT chatbot. Until today, this AI-based tool was blocked for Ukrainian IP addresses and numbers because OpenAI put Ukraine on the sanctions list along with such countries as russia, Iran, and Afghanistan. Now this problem is solved, and access to ChatGPT will be blocked only in the territories temporarily occupied by russia.

“The team of the Ministry of Digital Transformaton has been working on this decision for a long time – official letters, phone calls, and a meeting with the management. Finally, we managed to correct the injustice. Ukraine has been removed from the list of countries where ChatGPT is blocked. The program will not work only in the territories temporarily occupied by russia. So that enemies do not use it for anti-Ukrainian propaganda. After all, ChatGPT speaks Ukrainian well, unlike russians,” reported Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov.

Note that ChatGPT already supports the Ukrainian language, we even asked it to write news about the launch in Ukraine, which it almost managed to do.

ChatGPT finally started working in Ukraine

ChatGPT training takes place directly through communication with the user, so the chatbot will remember the user’s answers and correct the errors that will be pointed out. Therefore, the more Ukrainians will use ChatGPT, the better the generation of Ukrainian texts should become.