No more “page flipping” on the Google search page

Issuing results upon request in Google does not always immediately show the desired or necessary resource among the first. And if the problem is not with the request itself, then sometimes you have to go to the next page of the search. Google, it seems, does not like this either, so they began to change the scheme of work.

In the US, the search engine introduces “continuous scrolling” – instead of displaying the number of pages with search results after the first ten, the page will simply load the next group. This will allow the user to view links relevant to the request faster and more conveniently.

This is how Google has been working on mobile devices for over a year. Now they started to implement it for the desktop version of the search.

“Starting today, we’re bringing continuous scrolling to desktop in English in the U.S. so you can continue to see more search results easily. When you reach the bottom of a search results page, you’ll now be able to see up to six pages of results,” the company said in a statement.

This practice is unlikely to remain exclusive to the USA, so most likely users in Ukraine can count on continuous scrolling in the largest search engine.

However, previously in the search settings it was possible to specify the desired number of displayed results. By default, it is 10, but the user could increase this indicator to 100 if desired.