Android 14 with enhanced customization options and AI-generated wallpapers has been released

Android 14, Google’s new operating system, has been officially released, building on the foundation laid by Android 13. This new version introduces a host of features aimed at improving interface customization, providing more control over health and safety, and improving accessibility.

Personalization and self-expression in Android 14:

  • The operating system offers an updated home screen customization tool that allows users to easily switch between wallpapers. Users will also be able to install custom shortcuts on the lock screen, such as a QR reader or Google Home app;
  • New lock screen templates are available that use artificial intelligence to customize the display depending on the user’s context. For example, the weather widget becomes more visible during adverse weather conditions;
  • AI Generative Wallpaper, available for the first time on Pixel 8/8 Pro, uses AI-generated text-to-picture diffusion models to create unique wallpapers;
  • For those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic, there is a monochrome theme;

  • Building on the HDR video support in Android 13, Android 14 introduces Ultra HDR for images, improving the quality of photos.

Health, safety, and data control:

  • Health Connect, integrated into Android 14 settings, offers a centralized location for health and fitness data. Google promises complete user privacy and encryption of this data;

  • Android 14 provides greater transparency about data sharing between apps by notifying users when apps share location data with third parties;
  • Enhanced PIN security encourages users to set a six-digit PIN that automatically unlocks the device when entered correctly.

Improving accessibility:

  • For visually impaired users, the magnifying glass in Android 14 is now more intuitive, thanks to the finger zoom and magnification settings;
  • Adjusting the font size is now easier thanks to the Quick Settings tile, and non-linear font scaling provides better readability;

  • Accessibility for the hearing impaired is enhanced with intuitive hearing aid connectivity, dedicated setup flows, and quick access to hearing aid controls;

  • “Light notifications” provides visual light flashes for incoming notifications, which helps users who may not be able to hear audible notifications.

Upgrade to Android 14

Android 14 is rolling out to supported Pixel devices and will soon be available on devices from Samsung Galaxy, iQOO, Nothing, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp, Sony, Tecno, vivo, and Xiaomi.

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