Zack Nelson does not deny himself the opportunity to crack new flagships. Samsung Galaxy Fold4, which was officially unveiled at the beginning of this month , also made it to the JerryRigEverything channel, completing the standard series of tests with the added challenge of a pile of dust.

The fact is that folding smartphones cannot always boast of such endurance as ordinary flagships. Most of them also have dust protection. This time, Samsung was not afraid to mention on its website that the model has a reliable body, so Zack had to check it in various ways.

And indeed, the smartphone can withstand a little more than it seems at first glance. Initial tests showed that it is quite easy to scratch the metal parts of the case, which is not surprising. But the glass retains its appearance well after being scratched with a knife.

Unfortunately, nothing can be changed with the protection of the internal display at the moment. You also need to be more careful with this screen, because you can damage it even by pressing hard with your fingernail.

Any attempts by Zack to traditionally bend the body failed. The chassis of the smartphone case can really withstand significant overloads, so you don’t have to worry if the smartphone is accidentally placed on the sofa or gets under, say, a backpack or a bag. (Although here, too, there may be exceptions.)

What’s really interesting is how this case “reacted” to dust. Zack generously covered the device with dust and pebbles. Also from all sides. There was no significant damage from this. It seems that even the hinge did not prevent it from remaining in good condition. This, of course, in no way means that the gadget will be able to work constantly in such conditions, but if such a case happens, then a soft tissue and a can of compressed air should fix the situation.

So Samsung can only be praised, because they managed to develop a folding smartphone that can withstand such “torture” that can break some monoblocks.