Zack Nelson, known in the technology world as JerryRigEverything, recently released several videos showing the strength of the latest smartphones.

Nothing Phone (1) is the first smartphone of the new company of former OnePlus founder Carl Pei. The smartphone was presented in the middle of last month, and around this launch they tried to create as much noise as possible, more or less successfully.

We will soon find out how successful the inexpensive smartphone turned out to be. But Zach can best tell about its durability.

Nothing Phone (1) passed all the usual blogger tests. Due to the design of the antennas, there were strong doubts about the strength of the housing construction. But the smartphone exceeded expectations and did not break under the influence of force.

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra also happened to be the subject of Zach’s experiment. The new flagship should interest fans of photography, because according to the company, it has the first one-inch sensor of the main camera.

As for the usual tests, Xiaomi made a smartphone that could withstand Zack’s abuse. There is nothing extraordinary here for a flagship device. But the blogger cannot be stopped, so the test smartphone was disassembled to the cameras and the sensor, which was discussed so much, was revealed to everyone interested.

As Zach explained, in the world of photography, sensor sizes are calculated on a different basis. Therefore, the sensor itself is smaller than expected. But according to the standards of the photo industry, it really lives up to its stated size.