Since the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, one of the most popular tests of new smartphones has become bending tests. The construction of some cases, unfortunately, has very weak points. Because of this, some smartphones literally bend if you press them with your hands. Especially if you accidentally sit on them.

Half a year ago, when the hands of the “destructive” blogger JerryRigEverything, Zack Nelson, reached the OnePlus 10 Pro, it turned out that the smartphone has an old problem that was not paid attention to during development. Then Zack literally bent the smartphone. The fault line was the location of the buttons. There, the side panels often lack strength, because the button slots significantly affect the durability of the case.

It seemed that the developer had an opportunity to pay attention to this and correct the flaw in the next model. And now it’s time for OnePlus 10T, which was officially presented at the beginning of August, to go through its a series of tests.

Visually, the new model is very similar to the previous one, but externally there are small changes even in those places where the previous smartphone could not withstand the pressure. This gave hope that the problem of strength was really taken into account. Spoiler: it was not.

Zack’s other tests for the OnePlus 10T went as well as most other tests. But when it came to pressure (or, better said, “bending”), everything followed almost the same scenario.

Although this time the pressure from the back cover didn’t show the same level of damage as the 10 Pro, the new 10T also broke when Zach put pressure on the display.

Of course, for a large number of users, this will not be a problem, because each person has their own habits and level of caution in handling equipment and other things. But be that as it may, it is better to be more careful with the OnePlus 10T.