Apple’s annual developer conference traditionally begins with a brand presentation. COVID-19 has finally started to weaken, so large companies are beginning to return to the offline format with viewers. Apple Park will finally have an audience. 

Of course, the broadcast on the company website is not cancelled, so fans of the brand are already preparing for viewing on Monday, June 6, at 20:00 Kyiv time.

There were a lot of rumors and insiders. So here is a selection of the most interesting. Keep in mind that some of this can still be spoilers.  

Will iOS 16 tell about the next iPhone and what’s new in iPadOS 16

Some application updates are expected in mobile operating systems. Unfortunately, it remains a mystery what was meant – new proprietary applications or updates/redesigns of existing ones. Also a mystery are the “new ways to interact” with iOS 16, but the point is interesting.

WWDC 2022 is in two days. What you can expect from Apple this time

You can also combine this with the mention of possible support for Always-On display for future iPhone 14 Pro models and refinement of notifications. And now the spoilers of even the fall presentation of new smartphones can start. Most likely, developers will get access to new systems almost immediately, and such changes in the system will be able to tell something about the next iPhone.

iPadOS, in turn, should receive changes in multitasking mode. There are a lot of criticisms from users for multitasking in iPadOS, so this update can really be useful for tablet users. iPad is increasingly being mentioned as a replacement for laptops, but tablets still can not boast multitasking at the same level. Let’s see what Apple plans to do with this.

There are less interesting rumors about watchOS and macOS…

…but there are some. Apple has alreasy announced a lot of novelties in Universal Access. It is possible that most of them, which are involved in the watch, will be part of the update to watchOS 9. Along with the usual updates for fitness and health applications, as well as new dial pieces, there may be a good update.

WWDC 2022 is in two days. What you can expect from Apple this time

A new power saving mode, as in the iPhone, can be no less useful update. At the moment, this is just what makes the Apple Watch a watch. In this case, the gadget could offer other features and save energy by reducing the use of certain applications and resources.

There are few insights about macOS at all. It is rumored that this time the system will be called macOS Mammoth, and one of the functions – Focus Mode, which will be similar to that used in iOS. However, the lack of a lot of insiders does not mean that there will be nothing new in the system.

Mac and M2 processors

There is no better time to present new computers than at WWDC. It has been mentioned before that a lot of Mac models are going to get “under the hood” changes. And given the audience of this presentation, this is really the event where Apple can say something about the new Mac and M2 processors. A big upgrade could be the MacBook Air, which looks obsolete compared to the latest MacBook Pro. And long-awaited by enthusiasts and professionals who need very powerful systems – Mac Pro with its own chips from Apple (now there is still Intel Xeon).

WWDC 2022 is in two days. What you can expect from Apple this time

Will we see VR?

According to people close to the developers, Apple has repeatedly postponed the presentation of its own VR-headset. Very little is known about it at all, but insiders are not leaving the topic. A little earlier, the company also registered a trademark realityOS.

If rumors are to be believed, then Apple recently had an internal test drive of such a device for the company’s management. There is no information on how such a meeting ended. And even if successful, it does not guarantee that the upcoming presentation will show just such a One-more-thing-gadget. But it’s still very interesting to see how Apple sees the AR/VR headset. 

We are looking forward to Monday.