Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy Danilo Hetmantsev, who is actively criticized by business for his tax initiatives and signatures are collected for his resignation, reported on the transfer of taxes to the budget of Ukraine from the service OnlyFans.

“The first budget revenue from the Google tax: OnlyFans site – $305 thousand. The contribution of the entertainment industry in financing our Victory.  We are waiting for the next ones! ” wrote Hetmantsev in his Telegram channel.

The so-called “Google Tax” came into force last year and introduced VAT (20%) on electronic services for companies providing them to individuals in the customs territory of Ukraine. It covered paid Internet services, including OnlyFans, which is actively used as a platform for adult content. Moreover, if Ukrainians can easily watch it, then the creators are in danger of criminal prosecution.

Last year, Kyiv police conducted “control purchases” of pornography on OnlyFans three times to prosecute the user of the service. Therefore, Hetmantsev should start working to decriminalize and update outdated legislation that prohibits the creation and distribution of pornographic content in Ukraine, even if one does so on OnlyFans. This would be a more logical step to increase tax revenues than trying to increase taxes for war-affected businesses.