Antonov Airlines has made an official statement that the temporary airport as the base for the last 5 An-124s owned by the company, instead of ruined Hostomel will be Leipzig, Germany.

ANTONOV Airlines’ aircraft temporarily base at Leipzig Airport, Germany.

Taking into consideration impossibility of performing international flights from Ukraine, five AN-124-100 aircraft are temporarily based at Leipzig Airport. Work of the branch of the air transport division of ANTONOV Company, known in the world as the ANTONOV Airlines, was organised there. Technical base to provide maintenance of these aircraft also works at Leipzig airport.

So, ANTONOV keeps ability to perform commercial and governmental orders for the transportation of superheavy and oversized cargo, as well as to retain its leading position in this niche of the world market.

After the victory over the russian occupiers and restoration of the Kyiv-Antonov-2 airport, it will again become the base for the AN-124-100s fleet of ANTONOV Airlines.

Note that Antonov speaks of only five An-124 aircraft. As you know, another Ruslan and An-22 Antei were damaged in Hostomel, but information about the seventh An-124-100 is nowhere to be found.

Antonov plans to move to Leipzig not only five An-124s, but also spare parts, spare engines, technical staff and pilots needed to service them. In the next 12 months, the fleet of Antonov Airlines will perform 385 flights.

Antonov Airlines are relocating their aircraft to Leipzig

We remind that Аn-124 “Antonov” help to deliver weapons to Ukraine. In addition, the lack of these heavy aircraft caused a crisis in space industry.

We wish Antonov Airlines a successful relocation and a speedy return home. We also hope that Ukraine will receive as reparations 12 transport aircraft An-124-100 Ruslan from the Russian airline Volga-Dnepr.