VR headsets

Meta is optimistic about Apple’s Vision Pro headset

Meta’s management, including Mark Zuckerberg, is optimistic about the launch of Apple’s Vision Pro headset, writes 9to5Mac with a link to a paid article by The Wall Street Journal. Meta believes that the launch of Vision Pro will help the company develop its own VR headset business. The company believes ... Read more

Sony sold 600,000 PlayStation VR2 headsets in a month and a half

During Sony’s business presentation the company shared the statistics of its gaming segment, in particular, she talked about the state of affairs in the new virtual reality headset – PlayStation VR2. We will remind, analysts predicted an unsuccessful start of PS VR2 even before its launch, and after it – ... Read more

Bloomberg: PlayStation VR2 headset has had a weak start, analysts expect a price cut

According to Bloomberg, referring to data from the analytical company IDC, Sony failed to achieve the expected sales of the new virtual reality headset PlayStation VR2. In the period from February 22 to the end of March, the company, most likely, managed to sell only about 270,000 copies of the ... Read more

PlayStation VR2 will sell much worse than Sony expected: the headset is too expensive

PlayStation VR2, a new VR headset generation for PlayStation 5, should go on sale in a few weeks – February 22. But according to Bloomberg, on the eve of the release, Sony significantly lowered expectations for its launch: now the company plans to sell only 1 million PlayStation VR2 in ... Read more

Meta has confirmed that the next version of the Quest VR headset will be released in 2023

Announcement of the premium VR headset Quest Pro worth $1.5 thousand surprised the average user who is used to slightly different prices for these devices. But it turns out that Meta has plans for a much more affordable model: more precisely, a new version of the “standard” Quest headset. During ... Read more

Meta introduced the flagship Quest Pro VR headset for $1,499

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has officially unveiled a new premium VR headset, the Quest Pro. It is designed for both business and casual users, and will be sold for $1,499. The Quest Pro comes with 10 sensors (internal and external), new lenses and optics technology that reduced the ... Read more

Not only TikTok: ByteDance will start selling the Pico 4 VR headset in Europe

Chinese startup Pico, which develops virtual reality devices and was acquired by TikTok developer ByteDance last year, has introduced the Pico 4 VR headset. It will be sold in Europe from October 18 and will cost from 429 euros. The headset has a stand-alone design, but can also be connected ... Read more

VR headsets may reduce the use of anesthetic during operations

Scientists from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston published a study, according to which the use of VR headsets by patients allows the use of less anesthetic during surgery, reports Engadget. The research team divided 34 patients undergoing elective hand surgery into two groups based on group size. One ... Read more