During Sony’s business presentation the company shared the statistics of its gaming segment, in particular, she talked about the state of affairs in the new virtual reality headset – PlayStation VR2.

We will remind, analysts predicted an unsuccessful start of PS VR2 even before its launch, and after it – talked about low sales. Two months ago Bloomberg, citing data from the analytical company IDC, claimed that Sony was only able to sell 270,000 PlayStation VR2s in the first weeks, from February 22 to the end of March.

However, Sony’s statistics turned out to be completely different: the company claims that in the first six weeks (that is, practically during the same period that Bloomberg reported), it sold almost 600,000 PlayStation VR2s, that is, twice as much. This is 8% better than the first generation headset, PS VR, during the same period.

Sony sold 600,000 PlayStation VR2 headsets in a month and a half

Well, it looks like Sony will still be able to hit, if not the original PlayStation VR2 sales targets it had last October (2 million units in the first quarter), then at least the revised January sales target (1 million).