According to Bloomberg, referring to data from the analytical company IDC, Sony failed to achieve the expected sales of the new virtual reality headset PlayStation VR2.

In the period from February 22 to the end of March, the company, most likely, managed to sell only about 270,000 copies of the headset – let us remind you that at the end of January Bloomberg already reported that Sony has lowered its expectations for the launch of the PlayStation VR2 from two to one million units in the first quarter.

The reasons for this, according to analysts, are the high cost of the headset, a general decrease in user interest in the Metaverse, and the desire to save money against the background of the rising cost of living and an increase in the number of layoffs. As IDC Vice President of Data and Analytics Francisco Jeronimo noted, “VR headsets are not a priority for most consumers in the current economic climate.”

In early March, Meta already lowered the prices of the Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets, and Jeronimo believes that Sony should follow suit if it wants to save the PlayStation VR2 from complete failure.