Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium Games shared a 26-minute analysis of Squadron 42

Cloud Imperium Games has presented a 26-minute video analyzing Squadron 42, a single-player game that was once supposed to be part of Star Citizen. According to the developers, the game is ready and they are now in the final stages of development: making the last adjustments to the gameplay, testing ... Read more

An impressive demonstration of the capabilities of the Star Citizen engine

Star Citizen space game, which recently crossed the mark of $600 million raised for development (already $616 million), continues to impress. This time with the capabilities of the StarEngine engine. This 24-minute demo of StarEngine’s capabilities was shown at the recent CitizenCon 2953 festival. There’s honest atmospheric and destruction physics, ... Read more

Star Citizen has already raised $600 million and reached the Alpha 3.20 stage

Star Citizen, a space game that began development back in 2010, is still in development, but the game has already raised $600 million and reached the stage of Alpha 3.20. On this occasion, the developers presented a new trailer in which they threw a couple of pebbles into the garden ... Read more

Star Citizen has already collected $500 million. The game will be ready in 2027, but this is not certain

Honorable long-term Star Citizen has already raised more than $500 million from 4,096,856 users, but when the game itself will be released is still unknown. Maybe in 2027, but it’s not certain. Star Citizen has been in development since 2010. At the beginning, the game used the CryEngine 3 engine, ... Read more