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Google search engine officially abandons cache links

Google has officially removed the link to the cache from the snippets (a block describing the essence of the page) of search results. This happened in late January, according to Search Engine Land. The company also said that in the near future this feature will be completely removed from search ... Read more

Farewell to Google? Apple is thinking about creating its own search engine

Apple is considering developing its own search engine, which could potentially replace Google on its devices, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports. This idea is related to the fact that Apple has always sought to control the core technologies that underpin its products. And search has long been an integral part of ... Read more

Artificial Intelligence in Google’s Experimental Search Tells About the “Benefits of Slavery” and Provides a Recipe for Cooking Poisonous Mushrooms

It turned out that the Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) search engine based on artificial intelligence produces extremely problematic search results, including justifications for slavery, genocide, and even tips on how to cook poisonous mushrooms, writes Gizmodo. A search query for “benefits of slavery” led Google’s artificial intelligence to list ... Read more

OpenAI has warned Microsoft about rushing GPT-4 integration into Bing

OpenAI earlier this year warned tech giant Microsoft against hastily integrating GPT-4 into the Bing search engine without further training. This is reported by Engadget with reference to The Wall Street Journal. Despite this, Microsoft pressed on, but OpenAI’s warning proved prescient. Early users noticed the tool’s somewhat erratic behavior, ... Read more

Google is starting to open up access to generative AI in search

Google is starting to implement search based on artificial intelligence. This is reported by Engadget with a link to company information. The tech giant has announced that it is making Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) and Code Tips and Add to Sheets available in the US. For this, those who ... Read more

Google search ads will automatically adapt to your queries using AI

In an effort to increase the relevance of search advertising, Google plans to use the technology of generative artificial intelligence. This development was announced at the Google Marketing Live event, reports TechCrunch. Last year, Google already introduced automatically generated assets (ACA) for search ads, a feature that uses the content ... Read more

Samsung will not give up the Google search engine yet, but it is not closing the door to Bing

Samsung Electronics has no plans to change the default search engine on its smartphones from Google to Bing anytime soon. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter. Samsung suspended an internal review that suggested the possibility of such a replacement on mobile devices. ... Read more

The startup Neeva tried to create a paid search engine without ads, but now it is forced to close it

Startup Neeva is shutting down its search engine for consumers and intends to focus on artificial intelligence. This was reported by CNBC with a reference to the company. Founded in 2019 by ex-Googlers Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan, Neeva launched an ad-free, paid search engine in the US two years ... Read more

A new Google tool will allow you to determine whether an image was generated by AI

Google is set to roll out a new tool called About this image for English-language searches in the US, reports The Verge. It will distinguish real images from those that have been altered or created with AI tools such as Midjourney or Stable Diffusion. The functionality of the tool extends ... Read more

This is what Google’s new search engine with artificial intelligence will look like

As expected, Google is trying to use generative artificial intelligence to enhance the capabilities of its search engine. The announcement was made at the Google I/O conference, where the company showcased future updates to its search, which will initially be available as an experiment within the new Search Labs program. ... Read more

Google will change search results in favor of conversations with artificial intelligence and content creators

Google plans to change search results to integrate answers generated by artificial intelligence, reports The Wall Street Journal. These changes are in response to significant shifts in the way people access information on the Internet, including the emergence of chatbots such as ChatGPT. The company plans to include conversations with ... Read more

Microsoft’s Bing chatbot can now search for images and videos, make restaurant reservations, and finally get plugins

Microsoft has announced a major update to its Bing chatbot, which includes new features such as image and video search, restaurant reservations, chat history, and smarter integration with Microsoft Edge. The update follows Microsoft making the Bing chatbot publicly available to all users. The most important addition to Bing Chat ... Read more

Ukrainian Dmytro Herasymenko’s Yep search engine launched YepTLDR – an AI-based information summarization tool, search engine, created by Dmytro Herasymenko‘s Ahrefs SEO company, launched YepTLDR, a free tool for summarizing information using artificial intelligence, available to users in 195 countries. YepTLDR provides concise answers to search queries in English based on the content of the top search results and links to sources of ... Read more

Google shocked by Samsung’s plans to switch to Bing, now the company is in a hurry to create a search engine with artificial intelligence

Googlers were shocked to learn in March that South Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung was considering replacing Google with Microsoft’s Bing as the default search engine on its devices, reports The New York Times. Google’s reaction to the threat from Samsung was “panic,” according to internal reports seen by the ... Read more

Microsoft makes Bing with ChatGPT available to everyone

Last month, Microsoft launched a limited beta version of Bing with ChatGPT support, and it quickly generated many new users and some interest in the search engine. Now it appears that Microsoft has opened up the new Bing to almost anyone who wants to use it, as spotted by Windows ... Read more

What Bing and Edge learned in the last week – Microsoft blog about ChatGPT trials

A week ago, Microsoft showed an ambitious plan to improve its own Bing search engine, which was combined with a new version of ChatGPT. Despite the fact that the capabilities of the new chatbot are really impressive, it also has its own shortcomings and peculiarities. The company has begun limited ... Read more

Alphabet lost $100 billion in market value due to a mistake in the Google Bard chatbot ad and a weak presentation of AI integration in Internet search

Shareholders initiated a sell-off in Alphabet shares that stripped Google parent of $100 billion in market value after its new Bard chatbot shared inaccurate information in a promotional video and an unveiling of new search capabilities failed to gain much attention, reports Reuters. This has fueled fears that the search ... Read more

Google will add AI features to search, but it will be at least a few weeks before a competitor to ChatGPT appears

As soon as it became known about the announcement of the new Bing search engine from Microsoft, which uses ChatGPT technology, Google has been quick to announce its own changes to Internet search. As previously reported, the success of ChatGPT caught the search giant off uard, and made it announce ... Read more

Microsoft integrates ChatGPT technology into Bing search and Edge browser

Microsoft has announced a new version of the Bing search engine, which is based on an updated version of the same artificial intelligence technology that underlies the ChatGPT chatbot, reports The Verge. The updated search engine will be launched together with the new functions of the Edge browser, which will ... Read more