, search engine, created by Dmytro Herasymenko‘s Ahrefs SEO company, launched YepTLDR, a free tool for summarizing information using artificial intelligence, available to users in 195 countries.

YepTLDR provides concise answers to search queries in English based on the content of the top search results and links to sources of information. Unlike many competitors, Yep does not generate answers using the generation of language models (LLM), which can give inaccurate information. Instead, Yep’s LLM model is trained to summarize information, ensuring that users receive concise and reliable answers.

Ukrainian Dmytro Herasymenko's Yep search engine launched YepTLDR - an AI-based information summarization tool

One of the features of Yep’s AI results is a feedback loop that appears under each AI-generated piece of knowledge, increasing the transparency of search results. Users can also rate the resume as “Useful” or “Inaccurate”, signaling the algorithm about the credibility of the information.

“Personal data is not collected. The algorithm learns on the basis of anonymous user feedback,” says Dmytro Herasymenko, founder and CEO of Ahrefs. has its own web index and does not rely on third-party APIs to generate search results. This allows Yep to be protected from restrictions imposed by industry giants such as Microsoft, which recently announced price increases for developers using the Bing Search API.

Ahrefs has already invested $60 million in and directed the funds to open the first data center in Singapore and deploy the search infrastructure. In the past 10 months, has added Images and News sections and plans to acquire a turnkey solution for its own map service.