Apple receives 36% of Google’s revenue from search advertising in the Safari browser

Google pays Apple 36% of its search advertising revenue in the Safari browser. This was reported by Kevin Murphy, a professor at the University of Chicago and chief economic expert at Alphabet, according to Bloomberg. He voiced this figure while testifying during the US Department of Justice’s trial against the ... Read more

Apple claims that Safari is three different browsers

Apple has stated that Safari for iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS are three different browsers. The company made the announcement to avoid regulations in the European Union, writes The Register. In addition to three “different” browsers, the company also claims to have five different app stores and operating systems. In early ... Read more

Statcounter: Safari beats Microsoft Edge again

Safari, the default browser on all Apple Macs, was ousted by Microsoft Edge last year and lost its second place as the world’s most popular browser. However, new data shows that Apple’s browser was once again able to overtake Edge, despite Microsoft’s efforts to expand the program’s functionality with artificial ... Read more

Google, Apple and Mozilla teamed up to create the Speedometer 3 browser test

Google, Apple, and Mozilla are working together to create a better way to test browser speed. Speedometer 3 will be a “cross-industry collaboration” between the developers of Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Unlike some past benchmarks, Speedometer 3 is being started as a cross-industry collaborative effort. Building this will be hard ... Read more

Passkeys support from Apple on macOS Ventura will help get rid of passwords

At WWDC 2022 Apple has demonstrated a feature that will allow you to access all sites and services on the Internet using Touch ID or Face ID. Safari on macOS Ventura will support  passkeys, an authorization standard with multi-platform support, which will allow you to log in everywhere without using passwords.  ... Read more