At WWDC 2022 Apple has demonstrated a feature that will allow you to access all sites and services on the Internet using Touch ID or Face ID. Safari on macOS Ventura will support  passkeys, an authorization standard with multi-platform support, which will allow you to log in everywhere without using passwords. 

Apple has shown how iCloud Keychain backs up passkeys that allow you to sync Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV with end-to-end encryption. This also applies to QR codes that allow you to connect your phone to the system. When used to log in to the service, actual keys remain on the device as another security measure. The password-free login standard is set by the FIDO Alliance and must be supported on many different platforms. 

Apple is not the only company developing a password-free login feature. Last month, Google and Microsoft joined forces to implement a long-term plan to remove passwords forever. All three companies say that support for password-free login on their platforms will start working next year. 

This step should help users not to fall victim to phishing attacks, social engineering or bot attacks that use passwords from merged databases.  Instead, you can use one of your devices (phone or computer) as the primary for authentication. Then Touch ID or Face ID will be enough for authorization in various services on the Internet.