Shutterstock allows you to modify your photos with the help of AI

Shutterstock allowed editing its image library using artificial intelligence. For this purpose, the company has introduced a set of corresponding AI tools, writes The Verge. For example, thanks to AI, users will be able to remove the background. And the smart image resizing function will automatically change the shape of ... Read more

AI made an Asian MIT student white to enhance her LinkedIn professional photo

Asian-American MIT graduate Rona Wang decided to use AI to enhance her LinkedIn profile picture. Instead, the Playground AI system bleached her skin, changed her eye color, and changed her facial features. AI made Rona white. This is written by Insider. Rona Wang, a 24-year-old Asian American student who studied ... Read more

DPReview will continue to work: the resource was acquired by Gear Patrol

In the spring of this year, there was sad news: Amazon decided to close, a popular site for photography enthusiasts. The editors of the website then announced that they would work until April, after which the site would be available for reading for some time — and it seemed ... Read more

A photographer was fined nearly $1,000 when he asked to have his photos removed from an AI database

German photographer Robert Kneschke tried to remove his photos from a database used to train AI image generators, but was rejected and billed for $979 for an unfounded copyright infringement complaint, writes Vice. The photographer learned about his own images being used to train AI on a website called Have ... Read more

An image created by AI won a prestigious photography competition, but the author refused to accept the award

An image created by artificial intelligence (AI) has won the top prize in a prestigious competition, sparking a wave of controversy among photographers, reports PetaPixel. The winning work entitled The Electrician was created by German artist Boris Eldagsen and received the first prize in the Creative category at the World ... Read more

Amazon shuts down DPReview, a well-known site for photo enthusiasts

DPReview is probably one of the oldest and most famous sites dedicated to photography. It started 25 years ago, in 1998, and has been a trusted source for information on cameras, lenses and other photo accessories ever since. Probably, not every photo enthusiast of his time before buying a new ... Read more

The laser viewfinder in the Sony DSC-HX99 RNV camera will project the image directly into the user’s eye

People with visual impairments know how difficult it is to use cameras with viewfinders – especially if they don’t have a diopter adjustment. Well, the new development of Sony DSC-HX99 RNV should help such users. As reported in the official press release, Sony Electronics jointly with the Japanese company QD ... Read more

Photo of the day: RT-70 radio telescope in the city of Yevpatoria

On July 6, 2003, the unique 70-meter Ukrainian radio telescope RT-70, located near the resort town of Yevpatoria in Crimea, sent a METI (Cosmic Call 2) message to extraterrestrial civilizations in the direction of five stars – Hip 4872, HD 245409, 55 Cancri (HD 75732), HD 10307 and 47 Ursae ... Read more

Photo of the day: bikini

76 years ago, on July 5, 1946, 18-year-old Micheline Bernardini, a stripper at the Casino de Paris, first demonstrated in public a stunning tiny bathing suit created by Parisian fashion designer Louis Réard – a bikini. Professional models refused to wear this immodest thing. The swimsuit was named after the ... Read more

Photo of the Day: HI-SEAS Mars-like Missions in Hawaii

62 years ago, on July 4, 1960, the fiftieth star appeared on the US flag – in honor of the new state – Hawaii. The Territory of Hawaii, by the way, was created after the annexation of the US islands on June 7, 1898, and became a full-fledged state on ... Read more

Photo of the day. Seeing New York – a tour on electric buses in New York in 1904.

Seeing New York (Seeing New York Automobiles, Inc.) is an American company that offered tourists sightseeing tours of New York on electric buses and boats at the beginning of the 20th century. Open electric buses left from the world-famous Flatiron Building every hour. Please note that in 1904, just two ... Read more

Photo of the day: USS Macon airship over New York

122 years ago, on June 2, 1900, on Lake Constance on the border of Germany and Switzerland, Ferdinand von Zeppelin’s first “air train” took off – Zeppelin LZ 1. The experimental airship, created by engineer Theodor Kober, had a length of 128 m, a diameter of almost 12 m, and ... Read more

Photo of the day: 1979 Sony Walkman TPS-L2

43 years ago, on July 1, 1979, a novelty arrived at electronics stores in Japan – the Sony Walkman TPS-L2 compact cassette player – a baby destined to turn the world upside down, becoming an icon and a must-have attribute of the 1980s generation. The Walkman was born because Sony ... Read more

Photo of the day: 1953 Chevrolet Corvette C1

On June 30, 1953, exactly 69 years ago, the first Corvette, a vehicle destined to become a cult car, came off the assembly line of the Chevrolet plant. The idea to create a two-seater sports car arose after the end of World War II, when soldiers returning from Europe began ... Read more

Photo of the day: Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk

Usually, the Constitution Day of Ukraine is a day off, but during the war, all holidays are canceled, so we continue to work for the victory. But we remember that on June 28, 1996, after five years of futile attempts, after 23 hours of continuous sitting of the Verkhovna Rada ... Read more

Photo of the day: F-16C Fighting Falcon from the 64th Aggressor Squadron

Aggressor Squadron is several units of the US Air Force that have liveries of potential US opponents and play the role of opponents during Red Flag training. Red Flag training is a two-week in-depth air combat training conducted by the US Air Force several times a year since 1975. Four ... Read more

Photo of the day: raisin bombers

74 years ago, on June 24, 1948, one of the most dramatic episodes of the Cold War began: the complete blockade of West Berlin by Soviet troops. Berlin survived thanks to an unprecedented operation by the Western Allies on air supply, the so-called Berlin Air Bridge, which operated from June ... Read more

Photo of the day: Sholes and Glidden typewriter

154 years ago, on June 23, 1868, Christopher Scholes and Carlos Glidden patented a hybrid of a piano and a kitchen table, a modern typewriter. The QWERTY keyboard proposed by the inventors is still in use. Later, the patent went to the weapons manufacturer E. Remington and Sons (future Remington ... Read more

Photo of the day: launch of FGM-148 Javelin

We hesitated for a long time whether or not to add small photo news to Mezha. But there seems to be a good opportunity. That is, let’s try. Australian Army soldier fires from ATGM FGM-148 Javelin during a fire support course for officers and non-commissioned officers at the Infantry School ... Read more

Canon has announced new EOS R7 and EOS R10 mirrorless cameras

Both models use a Canon RF lens mount, the EOS R7 is aimed at the enthusiastic photographer market, similar to the Canon EOS 90D SLR, while the EOS R10 is a more affordable model with simpler features. Along with the cameras, the company also introduced two kit lenses – Canon ... Read more