If you’re familiar with the problem when your smartphone doesn’t see the world as perfect as you’d like, and your photo doesn’t catch your eye, we have a solution. Modern photo editors for Android are capable of turning even the most seemingly hopeless pictures into a masterpiece. 

In a matter of minutes, you can make colors more saturated, correct mistakes, and emphasize an element to convey your vision to the viewer. You can also, for example, add watermarks to protect copyright. The possibilities are endless. Just let your imagination run wild and go for it.

Not getting lost among the variety of applications offered by the Play Market today is a challenge with an asterisk. Especially for a beginner. That’s why we decided to make your life easier and made a selection of the best photo editors with user-friendly and intuitive interfaces. They don’t take too long to figure out – just upload your photos and start experimenting.

7 best photo editing apps for Android

The apps below are all about simplicity, aesthetics, and modern trends. Some of them have built-in artificial intelligence, which allows the program to instantly detect faces, select the right background, “see” red eyes, and much more. They also make it possible to create an individual style, which is especially important for those who plan to turn a photo editor into a working tool. So, let’s get started.


Photo editors for Android: 7 ways to improve your photos on your smartphone

A free application from Google that has 29 built-in filters with the ability to customize each of them. Simple and convenient.

It offers both classic image manipulation tools such as cropping, vignettes, frames, adding text, etc. and more trendy ones. In particular, Snapseed allows you to change the depth of field to blur the background and focus on the foreground.

Another handy feature is the edit history. You can save your corporate identity, i.e. the settings you’ve made before, to apply them to other pictures.

The program is known for its ability to edit RAW images – adjust light intensity, change shadow brightness, contrasts, increase photo detail, and more.


Photo editors for Android: 7 ways to improve your photos on your smartphone

The app is similar to Instagram in many ways. It combines camera, editing, and communication functions. It’s a kind of social network that unites a community of photographers – you can quickly share your photos with like-minded people and discuss them. You can also instantly share an edited image on Instagram.

VSCO’s specialty is over 200 built-in presets, including filters from Agfa, Kodak, and others. Their intensity can be adjusted using the slider.

The application has an intuitive menu and tool icons, so it is well suited for beginners. The disadvantages are limited free features, and the program regularly offers users a paid subscription. It can be tested for 7 days, but after this period, it is important to remember to disable it manually so that the card is not charged.

Photoshop Express

Photo editors for Android: 7 ways to improve your photos on your smartphone

An application by Adobe, the creators of Photoshop, which has a free version available. It is convenient for use on small smartphone screens. Photos for editing can be uploaded from the device or directly from the camera.

The application allows you to remove objects from photos, overlay images, and work with PNG, JPG, and RAW formats. When you don’t have time to play around with the tools, you can instantly make your image more aesthetically pleasing by applying one of the 45 automatic filters offered by the program.

In addition, Photoshop Express lets you create collages, set visual accents, and adjust the temperature and color of your photos. Other noteworthy features include resizing and watermarking.

Before using the application, you need to create a free Adobe ID account and log in. At the same time, we note that some users complain about occasional lags, poor retouching capabilities, and limited user interface customization.


Photo editors for Android: 7 ways to improve your photos on your smartphone

A multifunctional application for creating and editing photo content. This program can do so much that beginners can get confused, but it’s all about practice.

You can create in Canva: 

  • posts and stories for Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.;
  • advertising creatives and visuals;
  • add text and various elements;
  • presentations, business cards, resumes, flyers, infographics, and even websites.

It’s a great tool for creating an individual style. And this is not a complete list of Canva’s features. Even the free version of the program ensures productive work. A paid subscription gives you access to more templates and elements, as well as AI tools.

In general, it can take a long time to learn the app, but the reason is the incredible number of functions, not their complexity. The more you practice, the easier Canva becomes.

Adobe Lightroom

Photo editors for Android: 7 ways to improve your photos on your smartphone

An app for both Android and iOS smartphones that allows you to edit RAW images. You can:

  • change colors;
  • apply effects and filters;
  • adjust temperature, exposure, contrast, white balance;
  • crop and resize.

A strong advantage of the app is the large number of options for adjusting colors, details, lighting, and more. Even to convert a color photo to black and white, it offers a dozen filter options.

The basic free version of the app is quite limited, while the paid version, Lightroom Premium, gives you access to masking, deleting unwanted objects, video editing, and additional styles, for example.


Photo editors for Android: 7 ways to improve your photos on your smartphone

An app for editing photos into stories, available for iOS and Android. Users are free to choose from over 400 templates for different themes and events. You can also improve the aesthetics of your images with a set of fonts and additional tools and add textures to your photos.

Edited photos can be shared on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook in one click.


Photo editors for Android: 7 ways to improve your photos on your smartphone

Keleido’s free online service Remove.bg removes backgrounds in seconds. All you need to do is install the app on your smartphone and upload a photo.

The service is based on AI algorithms, and it works well on photos with people. If there are other objects in the photo, the result may be worse. The developers are planning to expand the service’s functionality in the future, but even today it is a great tool for working with images. After removing the background, the image can be combined with any other image, which is a good start, for example, for advertising creativity.

The main trends in photo content in 2024

Photography trends change very quickly, and in order to keep up with them, you should keep an eye on digital innovations. For example, this year, AI tools, including those built into photo editors, can make your photos easier and more up-to-date. They can automatically recognize faces in images, detect elements, and correct mistakes. Such “assistants” save time and provide high-quality results.

Collages and photo montages are also trending – combining several images in one, creating compositions, removing the background, and placing an element on another, including those created by AI.

So there are plenty of opportunities. Feel free to experiment with images and become a pro at creating content.

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