In the spring of this year, there was sad news: Amazon decided to close, a popular site for photography enthusiasts. The editors of the website then announced that they would work until April, after which the site would be available for reading for some time — and it seemed that this would be the end of the long-term history of one of the most famous photo resources.

Fortunately, a bit of unexpected news came out the other day: Gear Patrol (shopper-oriented resource for product reviews and recommendations) announced that it has reached an agreement with Amazon to purchase DPReview. So Digital Photography Review (that’s what the full name sounds like) will continue its existence and will be able to celebrate its 25th anniversary this year.

All DPReview employees will keep their jobs, and the site, according to general manager Scott Everett, will operate as before, without changing the editorial policy regarding materials and with the preservation of the company’s photo database.