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Adobe adds new AI features to Photoshop and Premiere Elements 2024

Adobe has added AI-powered features to the new versions of Photoshop Elements 2024 and Premiere Elements 2024 that simplify the creative process. This was reported by Engadget. The new features will allow you to use the company’s proprietary Sensei AI platform. For example, Photoshop now has a tool that automatically ... Read more

Adobe is preparing to unveil Project Stardust, a new AI-powered photo editing tool

Adobe is preparing to introduce Project Stardust, a new AI-powered photo editing tool. It will make it easier to modify images without prior editing experience, writes The Verge. The company may show the new tool during the Adobe Max event, which will take place on October 10-12. It is expected ... Read more

Adobe unveils a web version of Photoshop, it gets popular AI tools

The web version of Adobe Photoshop has become publicly available after almost two years of beta testing. The simplified online version of the photo editing program for desktop computers was launched with popular artificial intelligence tools, writes The Verge. We’re talking about the Generative Fill and Generative Expand tools that ... Read more

Microsoft finally adds layers and transparency to Paint

Microsoft continues to improve the Paint graphic editor. Now, the corporation is adding layers and transparency features to it 38 years after the application was launched, writes BleepingComputer. The long-awaited features will be available in Paint 11.2308.18.0 or later. “You can now add, remove, and manage layers on the canvas ... Read more

Microsoft will allow you to remove backgrounds in Paint on Windows 11, the tool is already being tested

Microsoft is testing a tool for removing backgrounds in Paint, which is built into Windows 11, writes Bleeping Computer. The feature allows you to remove the background from any image with just one click. It is now available for Windows insiders on the Dev and Canary channels. To use the ... Read more

10 examples of using AI in Photoshop to create incredible photos

Twitter users show how Photoshop beta works with artificial intelligence. Their examples prove that the use of AI in Adobe’s photo editor can create fantastic images. For example, in one case, several simple commands can “move” an object to another place. This is the single most chaotic use of #GenerativeFill ... Read more

Pixelmator Pro 3.2 has received the functions of a video editor

The popular macOS image editor has been updated to Pixelmator 3.2 Lumière, which includes video editing, among other things. The new version is now available in the Mac App Store. Now you can do basic video editing in Pixelmator: remove excess, resize, edit colors, apply masks, overlay text, and more. ... Read more

Adobe plans to make online Photoshop free

Adobe has begun to test a free version of Photoshop in Canada, where users can access it through their Adobe account. The company describes the service as “freemium” which means that in the future it plans to add features that will be available only by subscription, but the basic functionality ... Read more