Adobe is preparing to introduce Project Stardust, a new AI-powered photo editing tool. It will make it easier to modify images without prior editing experience, writes The Verge.

The company may show the new tool during the Adobe Max event, which will take place on October 10-12. It is expected to be able to automatically identify individual objects in a photo, allowing them to be easily moved, modified, or deleted.

In the short video announcing the tool, this option is well demonstrated and looks really easy to use. Attention is paid to even the smallest details – for example, not only the object but also its shadow in the photo is removed. The space around it is filled in automatically.

It seems that Project Stardust will also suggest potential next steps to users, which will speed up edits in the project. In addition, it will work with prompts. For example, in the video, Adobe project manager Aya Philemon selects a section of a photo and enters a tooltip in the taskbar to add flowers to the image or change clothing elements.

Recently, Adobe introduced a web version of Photoshop. A simplified online version of a desktop photo editing program has been launched with popular artificial intelligence tools.