Twitter users show how Photoshop beta works with artificial intelligence. Their examples prove that the use of AI in Adobe’s photo editor can create fantastic images.

For example, in one case, several simple commands can “move” an object to another place.

Another cool example is an enhanced version of the Mona Lisa.

Updated versions of famous portraits also look creative.

New covers of music albums are not inferior either.

And Photoshop with AI can quickly remove glare from glasses.

Also, the new function can add the lighthouse on the hill.

In addition, it can easily remove unnecessary objects from the image.

Or, on the contrary, add them.

At the same time, AI can offer several alternative image options.

Of course, this selection would not be complete without memes. AI in Photoshop can complement them nicely.

These and other examples of Photoshop beta work with artificial intelligence were shown by Nathan Lands, entrepreneur and founder of Lore artificial intelligence consulting agency on his Twitter page.

Let us remind you that generative AI continues to conquer the world by leaps and bounds, so it was only a matter of time when it will appear in Photoshop. Adobe announced a new Generative Fill tool coming to the photo editor later this year. The company promises a “new magical approach,” as users will be able to add, remove, and expand visual content using text descriptions. While the tool is available in beta version.