Google Drive

WhatsApp users on Android will lose unlimited storage for message backups

For owners of Android smartphones, saving backup copies of WhatsApp messages will no longer be unlimited, according to WIRED. Changes should be expected this year after adjustments are made to the Google Drive storage policy. Google currently offers 15 GB of free storage for all users, and customers who need ... Read more

The problem with Google Drive on PCs has been fixed, but only partially

At the end of November, Google Drive had a problem with computers causing files to disappear, and the company finally announced that they had found a solution, but it may not work for everyone. According to Engadget, starting with version of Drive for PCs, a separate “File Recovery” button ... Read more

Google Drive on iPhone now has a built-in document scanner

Google recently updated the document scanner in the Google Drive app on Android, and now the company has added this feature to the iPhone for the first time, writes 9to5Google. The feature is currently being rolled out to users around the world, but if you already have the necessary update, ... Read more

Google Drive web version gets an updated design

Google Drive has an updated homepage that shows all pending access requests, recent comments, and file approvals to help users quickly review recent activity and take action in one place. With the new update, Drive also features suggestions based on machine learning algorithms that suggest folders based on what you’ve ... Read more

New problem with Google Drive causes file loss

A new issue has been found in Google Drive that causes users who use the service’s PC app to lose files, reports 9to5Google. Google is already aware of this bug and said that they are looking for the cause of it. The company also advised not to disconnect your account ... Read more

Google Drive gets an updated home page on smartphones

Google has introduced a redesigned Google Drive home page for iOS and Android, which will help users find the file they need much faster. The Suggested tab will now show users more files, such as what they’ve opened, edited, or shared recently. The company decided to abandon the large file ... Read more

Google adds support for electronic signatures to Google Docs and Google Drive

Google has decided to add its own support for electronic signatures to Google Docs and Google Drive, writes The Verge. This feature is supported by many services, so Google’s decision is more about offering parity with its competitors than creating something new. It also means that users won’t have to ... Read more

Google Docs and Drive get an updated interface

Google has started releasing a refreshed interface for Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, which should comply with the design rules of Material Design 3. The company notes that in terms of functionality, this step brings almost nothing new, but should make the interfaces simpler and “cleaner”. In addition, the ... Read more

Google Drive for Android now lets you draw on PDF documents

From now on, when you open PDF files in the Google Drive app for Android, new editing tools appear. In particular, a pen for drawing and a marker for selecting text. You can change the color of the tools (red, black, blue and green for the pen and yellow, green, ... Read more