Google has decided to add its own support for electronic signatures to Google Docs and Google Drive, writes The Verge.

This feature is supported by many services, so Google’s decision is more about offering parity with its competitors than creating something new. It also means that users won’t have to constantly switch apps and tabs when working on contracts.

It is expected that Docs and Drive users will be able to require a full signature or initials from recipients, as well as a “date signed” field that can be set to auto-complete.

Multiple signature requests can be created from a template contract, and Google claims that it also provides the ability to track the status of pending signatures.

The electronic signature feature is currently in beta, but will not be available to all Workspace users. Individual subscribers will have access to the open beta over the next few weeks. However, Business or Enterprise subscribers will only have access if their administrators request it.

By the way, Google has recently announced updates to its search engine announced that are designed to make it easier for users to control the information that is available about them. Last year, the company released a tool to help people remove search results that include their phone number, home address, or email. Now, Google has updated the “Results About You” tool to make it more effective.