A YouTube blogger has demonstrated a fake iPhone 15 Pro Max, which not every buyer will be able to immediately distinguish from a real iPhone

This year, as usual, top Apple smartphone models are being counterfeited. Such devices copy the iPhone 15 Pro Max externally and, even with Android inside, quite plausibly repeat iOS. And that would be fine, but there are cases when such gadgets end up in the hands of buyers instead of ... Read more

Google sues fraudsters over fake Bard chatbot advertised on social media

Google has filed a lawsuit against fraudsters who distributed malware posing as an “unpublished” version of the Bard AI chatbot, writes Engadget. The tech giant filed a lawsuit in California. In it, the company claims that the attackers created pages on social networks where they posted ads and encouraged users ... Read more

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried found guilty of fraud and money laundering – he faces 115 years in prison

Sam Bankman-Fried, founder and former CEO of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange and Alameda Research trading company, was found guilty of large-scale fraud and money laundering. The decision was reported by TechCrunch. A US jury found the former billionaire guilty on all seven charges. Six of them are related to fraud ... Read more

US court jails Liao brothers who exchanged fake iPhones for real ones

A group of fraudsters who exchanged fake iPhones and iPads for real ones and thus defrauded Apple will be sent to federal prison in the United States, reports The Verge. We are talking about the Liao brothers – Zhimin, Zhiting and Zhiwei. For eight years, they had been running a ... Read more

Scammers sold AI-generated Frank Ocean songs for nearly $10,000

Fraudsters used AI-generated Frank Ocean songs to make 13,000 Canadian dollars (9,722 thousand USD). They sold a fake collection on a forum devoted to the origin of the singer’s music, writes Engadget. It is about nine songs of Ocean, for the creation of which high-quality vocal fragments of the vocalist’s ... Read more

In pirated copies of Final Cut Pro, embedded cryptocurrency mining malware was found

Over time, cryptocurrency mining becomes an increasingly expensive process, and some criminals find ways to get “coins” using other people’s resources. For example, by “planting” relevant software in pirated versions of programs, which allows you to use other people’s PC (or other devices) resources for mining. And this time it ... Read more