This year, as usual, top Apple smartphone models are being counterfeited. Such devices copy the iPhone 15 Pro Max externally and, even with Android inside, quite plausibly repeat iOS. And that would be fine, but there are cases when such gadgets end up in the hands of buyers instead of the originals. 

The YouTube channel Phone Repair Guru got a “replica” of the iPhone 15 Pro Max and showed in detail the case, features of the device, and its internal structure.

From the packaging to the overall appearance, not every customer will be able to spot a fake. Both the box and the package, as well as the smartphone itself, look very similar to a real iPhone. The box can be given away by certain fonts and the absence of a UV mark, and the smartphone can be seen to have different cameras and some small details on the body (such as a large display frame).

However, not every buyer really knows where to look and is unlikely to notice the problem right away, because the copy looks very convincing even when compared directly. (By the way, the manufacturer carefully includes a protective case and display glass with this device, which costs only $220.)

The new Action button in place of the old notification mode switcher is also on the fake. Moreover, it works the same way, and the system has the appropriate settings. What the fake doesn’t have is MagSafe magnets. It does not support induction charging stations at all. This can also be an extra “bell” for deceived customers.

The first power-on, the setup process, and the system shell are very similar to the real iOS. Of course, this is only a superficial resemblance, because a fake iPhone will not provide the same speed and quality of performance.

A YouTube blogger has demonstrated a fake iPhone 15 Pro Max, which not every buyer will be able to immediately distinguish from a real iPhone

Similarly, a small camera test showed significant differences in capabilities compared to the real iPhone 15 Pro Max.

And for dessert, the blogger tried to disassemble the fake, where, as expected, the device does not try to match the real iPhone. However, its back glass may be a good match for the real iPhone 15 Pro Max. As for the frame materials, of course, no one has mastered titanium.

Earlier, there were complaints on the Web that when ordering the iPhone 15 Pro Max through official sales channels, buyers received copies. We have recently mentioned several such cases. We want to believe that this problem will not become very common, because even in countries with company offices, there are difficulties with resolving such situations and then replacing them with a genuine device.