Void Interactive, the developer of the Ready or Not game, has become a victim of a large-scale data breach that resulted in the theft of more than 4 TB of information, Insider Gaming reports.

An unnamed ransomware group announced in March that it had access to the data, but developer Void Interactive has not responded to these reports or claimed any leaks or wrongdoing.

Insider Gaming was shown the contents of the files, which were taken on the condition that they would not be re-published. This data contains all the source code for Ready or Not. They also include code for the game’s likely console ports and the results of various performance tests.

It seems that the hack did not affect the personal information of Void players and employees. Everything seems to be centered around the game itself.

Ready or Not is a tactical cooperative shooter. The game was released from early access in December 2023 and has 133 thousand reviews on Steam, 88% of which are positive. The game is on sale with a 33% discount as part of the Shooter Festival on Steam until April 22.