Google’s Pixel 8 may lose its SIM card slot, just like the iPhone

Google’s Pixel 8/8 Pro may become the company’s first eSIM-only smartphone. This probability was announced by the famous developer Mishaal Rahman, writes Gizmodo. He pointed out that the images of the Pixel 8/8 Pro published in March did not show any SIM card slots. He also explained that the images ... Read more

Android will be able to transfer eSIMs between smartphones

Google is working on an eSIM porting feature for Android devices to simplify a cumbersome process that currently depends on carriers. Unlike Apple’s wireless eSIM card transfer tool between iPhones, Google is using a QR code-based approach for Android, writes 9to5Google. Today, transferring an eSIM card between Android devices is ... Read more

Vodafone launches fast SIM replacement with eSIM

Vodafone has announced the possibility for its subscribers to quickly switch from SIM to eSIM in the My Vodafone self-service application. You can check whether your device supports eSIM technology at here. To start using an eSIM instead of a regular card, you need to take the following steps in ... Read more

Apple will sell the iPhone 15 without a SIM card slot in France and other countries

iPhone 14 became the first smartphones without a SIM card slot that Apple began selling in the United States. The company encourages users to switch to eSIM, which allows you to activate the operator’s mobile plan without a physical SIM card. In addition, eSIM is a more secure technology compared ... Read more

Smartphones with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset are the first devices with iSIM support

At the beginning of last year, we told you about iSIM technology, which was jointly announced by Qualcomm, Vodafone and Thales. In short, it is an analogue of eSIM, which works according to a similar principle, but is integrated directly into the chipset (iSIM – Integrated SIM). Thus, smartphone manufacturers ... Read more