Google is working on an eSIM porting feature for Android devices to simplify a cumbersome process that currently depends on carriers. Unlike Apple’s wireless eSIM card transfer tool between iPhones, Google is using a QR code-based approach for Android, writes 9to5Google.

Today, transferring an eSIM card between Android devices is a complicated affair, mainly due to the lack of native support for such a transfer. The responsibility lies entirely with the operators, which makes the process inconsistent and sometimes messy. Apple has simplified this process for iPhones with a tool built into iOS that makes it easy to transfer eSIM cards between devices.

Android will be able to transfer eSIMs between smartphones

Google has taken a different path for Android. The company is laying the groundwork for eSIM porting using QR codes, as revealed in Android’s Play Services. Once the process is launched, users are prompted to scan the QR code to start the eSIM card transfer. Although this feature has not yet been launched, preliminary samples show a Fast Pair-like user interface that appears before scanning the QR code.

So far, there is no official announcement about the launch of this eSIM card porting feature from Google. However, it is expected to be a stable process based on QR codes. There are also hints that this porting option may be integrated into the Android setup process, at least for Pixel smartphones.