The magical Ukrainian game Tukoni: Forest Keepers about funny forest inhabitants from the books by Ukrainian artist Oksana Bula has been included in the Wish Lists of 10 thousand players. This was announced by the developers themselves.

As a reminder, the cozy adventuring game Tukoni: Forest Keepers is an expansion of the free-to-play prologue game Tukoni: Prologue, which was released in 2020 with funding from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. Now the updated Dream Operator team plans to release the full version sometime in 2025. The game is to be translated into 29 languages, including Ukrainian, but not into voice acting.

As we have already noted, it is believed that the Wishlist converts 5% of sales on the first day, 10-20% of sales in the first week, and up to 60% of sales within the first year. In addition, Steam itself uses these figures to better present the project on the store pages.

So, let’s help our own, add Tukoni: Forest Keepers to your Wishlist, because this is a really nice project in the spirit of classic Amanita Design games.

Also, pay attention to another interesting Ukrainian game in a similar style that was released a few days ago – Shapik: The Quest.