Ukrainian point and click quest Shapik: The Quest has finally been released on Steam. The game was created by independent developer Pavlo Podberesko, who was forced to leave his home in Zaporizhzhia region due to the Russian war against Ukraine.

The development of the game took 2 years longer than the developer expected, and funds for it were raised on Kickstarter.

The game offers a hand-drawn world of magic and mystery. The main character, Shapik, has to find his missing sister, and to do so, he will have to solve more than one riddle, and sometimes even rack his brains.

It’s hard not to notice that the game has a lot in common with games by Amanita Design, and most of all with the Samorost series.

In addition, the game has been translated into 102 languages. This was achieved due to the fact that the game has no text at all, except in menus and settings. All the events of the game are conveyed to the player in animated sketches and there is no language barrier.