We’ve already written about the Ukrainian horror game Level Zero by Doghowl Games becoming a trendy asymmetrical Extraction shooter: Extraction, and now the project’s release date has been announced for Steam Early Access.

Level Zero: Extraction will be available for Early Access on August 6, 2024, and we can thank the very successful demo/open beta test of the project during the last Steam New Year’s Eve 2024, where the Ukrainian shooter took second place in terms of the number of game sessions, behind only the survivalist and open-world game Once Human.

The developers even extended the beta period until June 19, 2024, and now boast very good results. During the beta testing, Level Zero: Extraction was tried by 300 thousand players who played 2.4 million matches, which translated into 350 thousand additions to the Wish List. Now it is 68th on the list of the most desired Steam games according to SteamDB. It is believed that Wishlist converts 5% of sales on the first day, 10-20% of sales in the first week, and up to 60% of sales within the first year.

Level Zero: Extraction has a development plan during the Early Access period, but the game does not yet have its duration or price. And of course, the game has a full Ukrainian localization, including voice acting.

To recap, the publisher of Level Zero: Extraction is published by the Dutch-American tinyBuild, founded in 2011 by Alex Nichiporciks, Luke Burtis, and Tom Brien, a native of Latvia. The company employs people from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. Unfortunately, since the beginning of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war, the company has not expressed its clear position on this issue and continues to work with numerous Russian developers. In addition, tinyBuild works with a large number of Ukrainian studios, such as Doghowl Games, and the authors of the shooter SAND, Lviv-based Hologryph, are part of tinyBuild.