Manufacturers are trying to make their new electric vehicles more and more affordable. And here’s another example – the new Hyundai Inster, which is set to debut this summer. Currently, we only see the first teaser photos and get the first information about the Hyundai Inster electric car, but there are a lot of interesting things here.

For example, it is already clear that the new model will be similar to the Hyundai Casper in terms of body shape and overall design. But the Hyundai Inster will feature a “pixel” design that has already become a feature of Hyundai electric vehicles.

It is also expected that the range of the Hyundai Inster electric car will be 200-220 miles or 320-350 km, which is not much, but it will be enough to compete with the Dacia Spring and Citroen e-C3 models. After all, the new Hyundai Inster will be focused primarily on the European market and the segment of relatively affordable electric vehicles: the starting price is expected to be 20 thousand euros.