Here it is very difficult to understand whether to call the popular inexpensive electric car Dacia Spring “completely new” or just a deep update of the existing model?

The exterior of the compact 3.7-meter hatchback Dacia Spring has changed completely and radically: design in the style of new Dacia models, a stylish map insert instead of the radiator grille, headlights and lights as if outlined by sharp angles, a visually “cut” rear roof pillar. The previous model Dacia Spring will only remind you of the door handles.

However, according to the description of the equipment, everything remains as it was with its predecessor. The battery with a capacity of about 27 kWh can offer a maximum of 220 km of range. The basic electric motor has a capacity of only 33 kW (45 hp), but there is another option – as much as 48 kW of power or 65 “horses”. By the way, there is space not only for the electric motor, but also for a 35-liter luggage compartment in the front, in addition to the 308-liter main luggage compartment in the rear.

However, just one look inside the cabin again makes you think of a completely new generation of the model. After all, the Dacia Spring electric car has a new front panel, digital instruments based on a 7-inch screen, a 10-inch touchscreen display, and more: unprecedented luxury for a budget model! But the main feature is the YOU CLIP system, which allows you to add a variety of fasteners, clips, and small interior elements at the request of the owner.

Despite its brand and focus on the European market, Dacia Spring will be produced in China. Sales of the new car will start in the summer or fall (depending on the market) of this year.