Apple has shared the list of finalists of the annual Apple Design Awards. As in the case of the best program of 2023, the company did not include any artificial intelligence programs.

The only exception is the Arc browser, which this year received an update with a set of AI-based features that is currently only available on Apple devices, but not in the Windows version. This is the only mention of AI in the list.

This year, the company also added a new category that highlights apps that have been updated or created to run on Vision Pro, namely: Sky Guide, NBA, djay; and Synth Riders, Blackbox, and Loóna games: Cozy Puzzle Games.

In the Inclusivity category, the list of finalists also includes Quadline by Ukrainian developer Ivan Kovalov, which won an award at the Google Play Indie Games Festival in 2022. Other finalists in this category include oko, Compete Anatomy 2024, Tiimo, and Unpacking and Crayola Adventures.

The finalists in the category of apps that bring “joy and happiness” to users include Dudel Draw, a drawing app, Bears Gratitude, a journaling app, Rooms, a collection of 3D spaces created by users, and WHAT THE CAR?, NYT Games, and Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Among others, the list also includes Procreate Dreams, a 2D animation tool, Death Stranding port for iPhone, iPad and Mac, and Lies of P. The full list of all nominees is available on Apple’s official website.