Recently, Microsoft made a big announcement about the upcoming Windows 11 on ARM devices, and one of the very interesting new features is Recall – it will allow you to quickly and easily find and return to previous activities, documents, chats, etc.

Of course, it requires Windows 11 24H2 and Copilot+ computers running the latest Snapdragon X chipset with an NPU neural processor designed specifically for artificial intelligence. However, enthusiasts quickly managed to run Recall on much more modest hardware.

For example, user X with the nickname Albacore published a post showing screenshots of functional Recall on a system with Snapdragon 7c+ Gen3.

The device, of course, does not have any NPU processor for AI operations, and it has only 3.4 GB of RAM, despite the fact that official requirements specify 16 GB as the minimum required capacity. Despite all this, Recall, according to Albacore, works “surprisingly well.”

The author promises to publish detailed instructions for owners of Surface Pro X and other ARM devices on Windows later.