Microsoft has announced a new AI-based feature for Copilot+ computers called Recall. This tool will allow you to quickly and easily find and return to previous activities, documents, chats, etc.

According to the company, Copilot+ computers organize information the same way we do – based on connections and associations unique to each of our individual experiences. Recall will allow you to scroll through a chronological feed that displays the most recently visited folders, open files, browser pages, and even messenger chats.

Certain actions or files will be displayed in this timeline using screenshots of the moment when you interacted with a particular program, file, folder, etc. Then Recall will also suggest certain interactions with those moments.

Microsoft announced Recall, a new feature that will allow you to quickly return to previous activities

Microsoft also notes that Recall uses your personalized semantic index created and fully stored on your device. Your screenshots and moments belong only to you and they remain locally on your PC.

You can delete individual snapshots, customize and delete time ranges in the settings, or pause at any time simply by using the icon on the taskbar. You can also filter programs and websites from being saved.

However, this feature will not work on all PCs. Copilot+ computers with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X processors are required to use this feature. There are also memory requirements for this feature.

The minimum free storage space is 256 GB, of which 50 GB must be available. Recall will store 25 GB of snapshots that will display files, actions, websites, and other activities from the past three months. This limit can be increased, but if it is reached, old snapshots will be automatically deleted.