Microsoft is releasing the next Windows 11 update as part of the Release Preview. This is the last stage of testing before the 24H2 update becomes available to all users, The Verge reports.

You can get the update before the official release by using the Windows Insider option in the Windows Update section.

Microsoft has improved power saving. The new mode reduces power consumption by reducing system performance to save battery life on laptops. The new mode will work on regular PCs.

Windows 11 24H2 includes support for HDR backgrounds, which allows you to use JXR images as wallpaper backgrounds.

The update also introduces the sudo command for developers. The command can be configured to run in three modes: in a new window, with input disabled, and inline. The “inline” mode is most similar to sudo on Linux, while the other two modes are more limited.

windows 11 24H2

Microsoft has also added the ability to create 7-zip and TAR archives in File Explorer, as well as scroll through the Quick Settings pop-up window that appears above the taskbar.

The update will also introduce Voice Clarity, an AI-based feature that removes background noise during calls or audio recording. This feature does not require a neural processor (NPU).

And, of course, Copilot will appear as a separate button in the system tray. The AI will be able to change system settings and enable or disable Windows functions at the user’s request.

This update will also include all the new AI features the company has introduced previously, but will require a new Copilot+ PC to use them. Copilot Plus computers will be available by June 18 at a price starting at $999.