Intel is warning gamers not to apply new tweaks from motherboard manufacturers to improve the stability of 13th and 14th generation Intel Core i9 chips in games, The Verge reports.

ASUS recently released an update for its motherboards with a special “Intel base profile” with lower power consumption.

Intel, which previously reported that it was investigating game crashes on its most advanced processors, urged users to choose a profile with higher power consumption, depending on the motherboard and chip.

“Several motherboard manufacturers have released BIOS profiles labeled ‘Intel Baseline Profile’. However, these BIOS profiles are not the same as the ‘Intel Default Settings’ recommendations that Intel has recently shared with its partners regarding the instability issues reported on 13th and 14th gen K SKU processors,” Intel said in an official statement.

Intel does not recommend that motherboard manufacturers use the “default” power settings on boards that support higher values.

Intel’s recommended “Intel Default Settings” are a combination of cooling and power features, as well as a selection of possible power profiles based on the motherboard’s capabilities.

Intel recommends using the highest power profile that is compatible with each individual motherboard design.