Despite the layoffs at Telltale Games, which took place in September-October 2023, The Wolf Among Us 2 Advent is still in development. This was announced on X/Twitter by game journalist Jeff Keeley, who also posted new screenshots from the game.

As a reminder, the sequel to The Wolf Among Us, the best Telltale Games game in the opinion of many players and critics, was announced in early 2022. The game, created by LCG Entertainment and AdHoc Studio (founded by former Telltale Games employees), was supposed to be released on PC and consoles in 2023, but…

At first, the project was switched to Unreal Engine 5 and postponed until 2024, and then it became known that Telltale Games had been laid off. In addition, just before the studio’s layoffs, Bill Willingham, the author of the original Fables comic book on which the game is based, transferred his work to the public domain, which could theoretically create problems for The Wolf Among Us 2.

The fact that Jeff Keeley announced the continuation of work on The Wolf Among Us 2 may indicate the imminent announcement of a new release date for the game, which will take place, for example, during the upcoming Summer Game Fest, scheduled for June 7, 2024.