The temporarily occupied Kaliningrad, the administrative center of the Kaliningrad region of the still existing Russian Federation, has received a new/old name in the Polish localization of Euro Truck Simulator 2. It is now Królewiec. This was drew the attention of one of the players on Reddit.

After the occupation of East Prussia in 1946, the USSR authorities changed the historical name of the region’s capital, Königsberg, to Kaliningrad. This name was in effect in Poland, among other places, until May 9, 2023, when, according to a resolution of the KSNG (Commission for the Standardization of Geographical Names Outside the Republic of Poland), it was recommended not to use the name Kaliningrad in Polish. Since then, Poland has been using the historical Polish name of the city – Królewiec.

The developers of Euro Truck Simulator 2, the Czech studio SCS Software, have made the appropriate corrections to the translation. Unfortunately, the name Królewiec is still used only in the Polish version of the game. All the other versions, including the Ukrainian one, still use the name Kaliningrad.

In 2022. SCS Software decided not to release the Russia-themed Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Heart of Russia expansion pack until after Ukraine’s victory.

As a reminder, in October 2022, in response to Russia’s fake referendums in the occupied territories, a flash mob was launched on Twitter, according to which 97.9% of Kaliningrad residents supported joining the Czech Republic, and the city received the historical name Královec.