In response to Russia’s fake referendums on the occupied territories of Ukraine, a flash mob started on Twitter, in which the community decided that the Czech Republic should get access to the sea. After holding a referendum, social network users announced that 97.9% of Kaliningrad residents supported joining the Czech Republic, now this area is called Královec. It has an official Twitter page with 78 thousand followers, as well as an official website.

The flash mob was supported by the main railway operator of the Czech Republic – České dráhy (Czech Railways), notifying about launch of connection with Královec.

A referendum for Kaliningrad was held on Twitter, now it is a part of the Czech Republic called Královec. The President of Slovakia is thinking about the official visit

In addition, the Czech food delivery service announced that it started delivery to Královec through the Rohlik Loop pipe. By the way, this is not the only project of the pipe to Královec, because the construction of Beer Stream 1, which should connect Czech breweries with Prague, Warsaw and Královec itself, is at the final stage.

The municipality of the Czech city of Brno has announced that it has lost its status as the second largest city in the Czech Republic after Královec became part of it, however, they feel proud of this event.

The inclusion of Královec in the Czech Republic has already begun to attract the attention of officials, the President of the Slovak Republic Zuzana Čaputová
wrote on her page on Twitter that she may consider an official visit to Královec.

“I might consider a state visit. Or not. Well done to our Czech friends for de-masking the absurdity of Russia’s fictitious referendums in Ukraine,” she said.

Well, one can only wish the Czech Republic that the Internet joke turns into reality and the country really gets access to the sea.